Did you know that you’re important and that you are worth so much more than you think you are? Did you know that you were created so uniquely and that there is a divine plan and calling upon your life to fulfil purpose. Did you know that your beauty is set apart from the rest and that there is NO ONE on this planet that has the ability to be YOU? Did you know that you are a precious diamond in the eyes of others and that you have all the potential to be exactly what you would like to be? You are amazing, you are incredible and are of priceless value because your expense is beyond figures and not even money could buy something as valuable as YOU.

Now as you read this, I would like for you to allow these beautiful words to soak into you and allow this TRUTH to minister to your soul, tug at the strings of your heart and enter the reality of your mind. I also want you to hold onto this divine truth especially when times get hard and always remember that regardless of what has happened to you that: YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

You are worth it not only because I have said you are but because there is a genuine purpose for your life that is destined to be fulfilled and you are the only one that can accomplish it. You have been created because of your speciality, uniqueness and because of everything that is placed inside of you. You have been called to impact, blow and encourage the minds of others and there could have been no better person to be picked than YOU. You are beautiful unstoppable, unshakable and have been fearlessly made. Your fingerprint is unique and there is no one on this earth that could possible compare to how special you are as a person. You are bold, confident and are a walking manifestation of strength and of what you have overcome and because of this you are so worth it!

You are not a product of your environment and you are not the reason why your past has happened to you but what you carry now and because of what you’ve been through is going to impact nations and so many people around you. You will accomplish great things and will never be held back by your past experiences and because of this; you will continue to go from strength to strength. Your fearless character and undeniable strength is what will continually encourage others and even in the midst of your weaknesses you will feel amplified because you know that what you carry is greater than what is behind you.

You are a treasured soul and there is a reason why you survived the many things that you did I just want you to keep on fighting and trusting the process of your journey. Your strength supersedes all and you are an individual of virtue. And the pain that you once encountered will soon turn into purpose. Your happiness is important to me and I promise you that you will learn to smile again. The real joy that you’ve always dreamt of will no longer be a dream but it will be made your new reality. Your life will never be the same and everlasting healing will overtake you and you will no longer look back because what is placed in front of you is going to BEAUTIFUL.


Author: amacares

Many women are sexually abused daily and are not able to speak about it. AmaCares is a project which helps to empower women, provide support and counselling.

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