Imagine something precious got stolen from you and fortunately, you knew the thief who took the item. What will you do? I assume most people including myself will do 2 things; confront the person or report it to the police or authorities. 

Would you be able to report an incident of rape or sexual abuse in the same way you would report your stolen item if you were a victim? How will you treat an incident of sexual abuse if it happens to you? 

It has always been difficult and challenging to report cases of sexual abuse because of fear of rejection, judgemental comments, stigmatisation, being accused of falsehood, fear of families falling apart and the fear of being diagnosed of sexually transmitted disease. 

Isn’t it crazy that we easily open up about other crimes that affect us than that of  painful experiences of sexual abuse? Isn’t it also painful when something so precious like your sexuality is taken / stolen by someone who doesn’t deserve it? And isn’t it even more painful when you have been threatened not to speak out? 

Sexual abuse has become a norm in our society, at our place of works, among friends, in our families and even in our churches …a place some of us go for solace. Research shows that about  33% of victims who are sexually abused or raped , contemplate suicide. Imagine the society we live in? Statistic shows that 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before the age of 16 and 1 in 5 women are sexually abused daily.

Why should you speak out ? And who should you speak to? 

Do you know that speaking out can easily heal your broken emotions, provide mental stability and serve as a therapy for your physical recovery? Again, you can get both counselling , medical support and self defence training from social institutions when you master the courage to share your story. Be encouraged to report incident of this sort to the police, someone in high authority or someone you trust to help you through the healing process. Never be afraid to mention your offender’s name for justice to take it course.



Author: amacares

Many women are sexually abused daily and are not able to speak about it. AmaCares is a project which helps to empower women, provide support and counselling.

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